Buying a Car with Bad Credit

We at ZAG Motors make buying a car with bad credit a reality. We don’t think that a marred credit history should get in the way of you rebuilding said credit behind the wheel of the car you want. You’ve probably seen no shortage of ads in the paper and on TV from auto dealers saying that they’ll finance anyone, but here at ZAG Motors, we really mean it. Regardless of how checkered your credit history is—even if you have the dreaded ‘no credit’—we 100% guarantee your approval.

We are able to stand by such a guarantee thanks in part to the vast and extensive network of lenders we work with. At the end of the day, it makes buying a car with bad credit in Lynnwood easy. We don’t just stop there, however, as we also strive to get you the best rate possible. There is no catch, i.e. a huge, unaffordable monthly payment. In fact, at your Lynnwood used car dealer, we’ll never try to sell you something that you cannot afford.

If you have less-than-desirable credit, then you are probably used to stipulations of some sort during the buying process. For example, say, you have a limited, unreliable selection of cars from which to choose. That is not the case here, however. When you’re buying a car with bad credit, you have over 300 cars to choose from, with virtually all makes and many models on our lot.

If you are in the market for a used car but have bad credit or no credit, don’t hesitate to come see us, as we will find a way to get you the quality pre-owned vehicle you desire. Bankruptcy, repossessions, bad credit, or no credit—it matters not at ZAG Motors, as we work with many lenders to not only get you approved, but get you a manageable monthly rate as well.

For more information and details, or to set up a test drive, we cordially invite you to stop by our conveniently located used car dealer in Lynnwood. Our address is 15431 Highway 99, and we are also open seven days a week to serve you. At ZAG Motors, we fully understand that not everyone has perfect credit, but that it should not get in the way of getting behind the wheel of the car you deserve. We guarantee your approval, and look forward to seeing you.

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