Higher Sales Means Lower Used Car Prices

There are several reasons why used cars are currently in such high demand, driving down prices for everyone in the Everett and Lynnwood areas. Firstly, interest rates are down and approval rates are up as the economy gets back on its feet and more people have jobs. Recent natural disasters destroyed tens of thousands of vehicles, all of which need to be replaced, also driving up demand and driving down prices. The height of the automotive recession happened in 2009, where auto sales were at an all-time low. Now, all those people who would have normally replaced their vehicles, are doing so now. Automakers are breaking records with the amount of cars they are currently selling, making the prices for used cars optimal for buying.

If you're looking for a quality SUV that can handle the weather, a commuter car with excellent fuel economy or an attractive and luxurious ride that will make your friends jealous, now is the time to find at the ZAG Motors. For more information, or to take a look at any used vehicle, contact the ZAG Motors.

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