Used Car Prices Stabalizes

Used car prices and depreciation have been all over the charts over the past few years. During the peak of the recession, the cost of both new and used cars fluctuated constantly, as did the depreciation value of used vehicles. Then came the recent hurricane, driving prices up in certain parts of the country as thousands were in need of used cars. In the Seattle and Snohomish areas, used car prices and depreciation values are the most stable they have been in the last five years, and are expected to remain so. This means used car prices will stay at their current low, and the depreciation value will not sink either, making sure your car is worth plenty when you're ready to give it up.

Used car loans at the ZAG Motors currently have low interest and high approval rates. Now that used car prices will maintain their low price and value, there is no better time to buy. For more information, or to take a look at any used vehicle, contact the ZAG Motors.

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