VW Extends Used Car Program

Volkswagen has extended their certified used car program, something similar to what Chrysler did last year. These programs help to get those with poor credit used car auto loans and extended warranties. VW used cars, along with Toyota used cars in Everett and Honda used cars in Everett and Lynnwood, are some of the safest investments one can make when purchasing a used vehicle.

Automakers like VW and Chrysler feel safe in extending these programs and warranties because used cars are now more reliable and last longer than ever before. 80% of Toyota vehicles manufactured within the last few years, stay on the road for 20 years or more, according to a recent study.

Used cars are a better investment than ever as they are less expensive than new cars but last just as long as new cars used to. You can safely invest in a used vehicle and have it with you for the next fifteen years.

For more information, or to take a look at any used vehicle, contact the ZAG Motors.

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